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Applications of SPF:

If you're looking for a complete fully engineered Building Envelope System, there are absolutely no competitive systems in SPF's price/performance range. Such a system will greatly reduce Energy Costs due to the combination of high R-Value insulation and Seamless/Self-Flashing materials that remove the necessity for Fasteners, a notorious cause of Thermal Bridging. Even some new buildings will have problematic areas, whether it is compressed insulation, gaps, voids, or air packets. Application of Spray Polyurethane Foam can offer you a seamless blanket of insulation.

SPF also can provide new life for aged and/or leaking metal roofs. In many cases, even severely damaged metal roofs are capable of repair without necessity of tear down. Not only is this more economical then a full replacement, as opting to deploy this system will drastically increase the efficiency your current cooling and heating. The system's versatility will also allow it to be applied to all kinds and shapes of deck, including radically different geometry such as Domes.

Fiberglass and SPF rValue per Inch Comparison Chart


Polyurethane Foam is a high performance insulator and roofing surface, contributing to improved building durability, energy efficiency, and occupant health, comfort and safety. Polyurethane foam also offers the highest level of thermal insulation (R Value) currently found on the market for use in home and office construction. With an excellent cost effectiveness, and low environmental impact this method is currently better then any other system available to contractors.

The reliability of SPF has been tested for more then 25 years.


Polyurethane Foam delivers a unique and highly functional building envelope that also acts as an effective Air and Vapor Barrier. This allows companies to lower energy costs by an average of 10% to 30%. It is also nearly indestructible, and offers a high wind resistance rating while retaining a minimal cost of maintenance. Should any damage occur, the system can be easily restored to initial performance levels without the need of full replacement. SPF is a Renewable System that may be scarfed and recoated as necessary, which allows for the greatest flexibility of any currently existing roofing system. In addition, an optional Full System Warranty may be available depending on application type.

Polyurethane spray application


Polyurethane Foam also is one of the fastest and simplest methods of construction available. Roof exposure is minimal and does not cause any interior disruption during installation procedures. SPF can be applied to most substrates, including as a recovery system for existing damaged roofs without complete tear off. In addition, the system is rigid, self-supporting and self-adhering and has the ability to be deployed on surfaces with irregular shapes, sizes and/or textures. Whether you're a Home Owner or a Business the benefits of a Spray Polyurethane Foam building envelope is an excellent choice for easily and affordably upgrading your roofing and insulation system.


Environmental Factors:

The construction industry is currently one of the largest contributors to several pressing environmental hazards: depletion of precious natural resources, creation of solid waste, deforestation, and global warming. While it will take time for the industry to rise to the challenge of sustainability, we at Spray Foam Concepts, our various supplier groups, and the entire Spray Polyurethane Community are committed now to environmental responsibility, protection and innovation to both the world and to you the consumer. For that reason, the SPF system is a fully Sustainable Construction Solution, employing Zero Ozone Depleting Foam (Zone3 Technology) as well as reducing environmental pollution due to construction to debris. The base Chemicals are also created using minimum energy consumption techniques, allowing us to offer a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods both in design and implementation.

BASF Zone3 Urethanes